Peaches and "Cream" Delight

I have this remarkable friend. She has two kids under 3, a very senior job at one of the world’s biggest companies, runs and supports multiple small businesses, is very involved in political life and takes on multiple projects to top it all. One of her current projects is an anti-sugar campaign at her daughter’s nursery.

She reviewed the menu on offer and found that the children were being given on average around 20g of added sugar in their meals and snacks over the course of the day. The NHS recommends that no more than 5% of calories should come from “free sugars” - that means children aged 4-6 should have a maximum of 19g of sugar a day (there’s no guideline limit for under 4s but it’s recommended they avoid sugary drinks and food with added sugar).

Easy dairy free dessert / pudding

So she took their menu and redesigned it with healthy alternatives that were free of added sugar. She created new recipes, made them, costed them and then sent the full plan to the nursery.

One of the sugary items on the menu was Angel Delight - a dessert aimed at kids that is predominantly sugar and milk (so not something dairy free kids are likely to be eating!). Her remake of this dessert was to blend bananas and milk and mix with agar agar to make a “banana Angel Delight”.

It is such a simple but brilliant idea.

She is not only changing attitudes to added sugar at the nursery, but if they follow her plan, they’ll be reducing salt, artificial additives and saving money too as almost everything on her redesigned homemade menu was cheaper than the store bought version.

So this recipe is a homage to my incredible friend - a dairy free Angel Delight style dessert without added sugar.

Dairy free sugar free dessert